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Björkvik's Motor Club
Björkvik's Motor Club (BMC) was formed in 1975.

The first big competition was arranged in 1977, which was a part of the Swedish championship. The winner was Ulf Karlsson.

In 1980 the first international competition was arranged. Sweden vs. Finland. The winner was Ulf Karlsson and Yrjö Vesterinen in second.

1990 was the biggest moment in BMC's history. BMC got the task to arrange one part of the World Championship. The competition was a success, and was voted as the best competition of the year by the drivers. The winner was Donato Miglio (Italy) followed by Diego Bosis (Italy) and Jordi Tarres (Spain).

BMC have had several elite drivers through out the years. First of them all was on of the founders of BMC, Gustav Hermelin. Thereafter Magnus Liljeblad, Kristian Hermelin, Marko Nordbäck, Johan Fredriksson and Robert Andersson.

The club has 2 Swedish champions, Marko Nordbäck (1988 and 1989) and Johan Fredriksson (1996). Johan also have three individual silver medals.

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